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See also: Engineering Society Awards

Affiliated Club of the Year is awarded to the best Engineering Society Affiliated Club. Criteria for evaluation include the quality and organization of their events, amount of membership, inclusiveness of all Engineering Society members and their contribution to the improvement of the quality of student life.

Past Recipients

Year Club Leader
2016-2017 Skule(TM) Smash Club
2015-2016 Spark Design Club
2014-2015 Blue Sky Solar Race Car Team Zhe Gong (Project Manager)
2013-2014 Ye Olde Mighty Skule Cannon David Belvedere (Chief Attiliator)
2012-2013 ? ?
2011-2012 ? ?
2010-2011 Nspire Brad Menezes
2009-2010 Formula SAE Racing ?
2008-2009 Formula SAE Racing ?
2007-2008 Skule Stage Band David Rutt (Conductor)
2006-2007 Skule Stage Band Chris Roscoe (Conductor)