A Promise to Future Generations

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A Promise to Future Generations group aims to: • Install the idea of sustainable engineering into the graduating class • To develop a ceremony, similar to the iron ring ceremony, that encourages partaking students to promise that they will practice sustainable engineering in the future career • To alert current undergraduates to the need for sustainable engineering • To provide information for undergraduates seeking to become involved in sustainable engineering events – to this end we generally provide information of other events (such as the SEA fair) to our mailing list. Our own events are centered around the end of year graduation ceremony

The club will help students become true engineers for the world. As the issue of sustainability increases to dominate the mindset of people around Canada and the world, it is important to introduce students to this growing aspect of engineering. The main event each year is a signing ceremony, at which graduating students pledge to practice engineering in a sustainable manner throughout their careers. This event is preceded by a series of information events open to all students. The benefit of these events are: • Exposure to the concept of sustainable engineering – something valued by today’s employers • A chance to learn about sustainable engineering and what that involves for students • A chance for students to learn about how they can start contributing to the sustainability movement while studying for their degree • A forum for the discussion of sustainability related issues • Connects students to industry partners with similar values – hopefully aiding students in their life after Skule