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==Conferences Hosted==
==Conferences Hosted==
[[NCWIE 2010]]
[[NCWIE 2010]]
[[CEC 2011]]
[[CEC 2011]]

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Engineering Society Positions


Commercial Operations

  • Hardhat Cafe Finance Manager - Khadem Alam
  • Hardhat Cafe Operations Manager - Charlsie Searle
  • Stores Finance Manager - Landy Cheung
  • Stores Operations Manager - Wayne Choi
  • Suds Finance Manager - Ariel Feldman
  • Suds Operations Manager - Franz LaZerte

Internal Directors

  • Chief Returning Officer - Paul Klunko

Discipline Club Chairs

Class Representatives

Chemical Engineering 1T3 Michael Burdett
1T2 George Dong
1T1 Kelly Bryck
1T0 Rachel Chow
Civil Engineering 1T3 Momo Sun
1T2 Hamed Shalileh
1T1 Mark Ganglione
1T0 Kathy Grycko
Computer Engineering 1T3 Will Lau
1T2 Rachit Tyagi
1T1 Vacant
1T0 Andrew Rosselet
Electrical Engineering 1T3 Zachary Fejes
1T2 Misha Stecyk
1T1 Celine Ko
1T0 Jerry Kuo
Engineering Science 1T3 Song-Liang Lai
1T2 Ryan Bradley
1T1 Galen Hogan
1T0 Maria Sebastian
Industrial Engineering 1T3 Marwan Dajani
1T2 Saifu Li
1T1 Becky Gan
1T0 Marwan Dajani
Materials Science & Engineering 1T3 Abrar Mahmud
1T2 Jacquelyn MacCoon
1T1 Ronald Victorino
1T0 Diana Mollicone
Mechanical Engineering 1T3 Andy Chen
1T2 Saminur Majumder
1T1 Andrew Pienko
1T0 Brandon MacLean
Mineral Engineering 1T3 Sebastien Balda
1T2 Cherisse Diaram
1T1 Daniel Persaud
1T0 Jeannot Ouellette
TrackOne 1T4 Anthony Alayo

Year Chairs

  • First Year -
  • Second Year - Zoriano Workun
  • Third Year - Alex Martins
  • PEY Rep - Marc Pilon
  • Fourth Year - Ryan Campbell

Skule™ Spirit

Godiva Week Competition Winners

External Representatives

  • UTSU Director - Kevin P. Siu
  • UTSU Director - Sheema Khan
  • UTSU Director - Rishi Maharaj
  • Governing Council Representative - Ryan Campbell

Conferences Hosted

NCWIE 2010

CEC 2011