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Engineering Society Positions


Commercial Operations

  • Hardhat Cafe Finance Manager - Carissa Sutjipto
  • Hardhat Cafe Operations Manager - Khadem Alam
  • Stores Finance Manager - Catherine Kierans
  • Stores Operations Manager - Sarah Hossain
  • Suds Finance Manager - Ryan Campbell
  • Suds Operations Manager - Vanessa di Battista

Internal Directors

  • Chief Returning Officer - Milos Uskokovic

Discipline Club Chairs

Class Representatives

Chemical Engineering 1T2 Alianna Ali
1T1 Kelly Bryck
1T0 Charles Ku
0T9 Michael-Aaron Liang
Civil Engineering 1T2 Nensi Baboci
1T1 Alanna Komisar
1T0 Vacant
0T9 Evan Jones
Computer Engineering 1T2 Rachit Tyagi
1T1 Vacant
1T0 Daniel Cooperman
0T9 Kitty Lau
Electrical Engineering 1T2 Kelvin Chang
1T1 Celine Ko
1T0 Vacant
0T9 Alp Kucukelbir
Engineering Science 1T2 Cheney McWaters*/Erin Tsang*
1T1 Matthew Karabela*/Megan Lund
1T0 Alianna Ali
0T9 Arun Kochar
Industrial Engineering 1T2 Saifu Li
1T1 Wayne Lin
1T0 Samantha Yang
0T9 Jon ?
Materials Science & Engineering 1T2 Vacant
1T1 Vacant
1T0 Vacant
0T9 Ryan Singh
Mechanical Engineering 1T2 Maged Sami Abdelmalek
1T1 Vacant
1T0 Nick Tenev
0T9 Vacant
Mineral Engineering 1T2 Vacant
1T1 Vacant
1T0 Vacant
0T9 Vacant
TrackOne 1T2 Albert Huynh

Year Chairs

  • First Year - Albert Huynh
  • Second Year - Vacant
  • Third Year -
  • PEY Rep -
  • Fourth Year - Mike Hawkins

Skule™ Spirit

Godiva Week Competition Winners

External Representatives

  • UTSU Director - Wayne Lin
  • UTSU Director -
  • UTSU Director -
  • Governing Council Representative - Ryan Campbell

Conferences Hosted